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CA Capital is a community-based decentralised Venture Capital Firm that invests essentially in blockchain-based projects. We have built a very sophisticated approach towards investment and we are intrinsically inclined towards projects that bring true value to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are staunch believers of a fair and decentralised ecosystem where quality projects and teams are supported by the community.
When we come on board a project, the ‘avengers assemble’ and we start deploying our unique value add to irrevocably strengthen the project. From spreading the word about the project within our large communities, to connecting to the right influencers, helping in launch strategies, and introducing to the right value investors, we do it all! Our key strength is ensuring that our projects get the best marketing possible as per the changing times and trends.
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The $THOL IDO is scheduled for February 16th! 📢
The only place it will be available is on Uniswap in a THOL / ETH pool.

Please be wary of scammers and fraudulent contracts!
Contract address and link to pool will be on the website.

#IDO #Token #DeFi

We’re proud to announce New Token Utility!
$THOL will be used to pay gas in our protocol instead of ETH.
Additionally, starting in 2024 $THOL used in transactions will begin to get burned.
The rate of burn will increase year on year.

#DeFi #token #IDO #Web3

Before gamers onboard #web3 space, they need to be offered quality #gaming experiences.

That's exactly what we're #buidling - the 1st exploration & combat game. PVE mode & dungeons of Stoneport will open this year.
We talk & show more about game on DC 🎮

Next up: expanded Stoneport universe 🌆

With the freedom of champion movement comes a bigger & more complex network of dungeons & arenas to explore.

Roam through the remnants of the lost world and fight monsters within to save what's left of it 🪐

1/ 🚨 ActaFi Github Activity Report 🚨
The whole ecosystem is getting tested!
👉Smart contract functionality as described in the whitepaper
👉Cross-smart contract interactions
👉Chart data to be reflected correctly
👉Coverage testing
🚀Buckle up for the ActaFi ecosystem audit🚀

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