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CA Capital is a community-based decentralised Venture Capital Firm that invests essentially in blockchain-based projects. We have built a very sophisticated approach towards investment and we are intrinsically inclined towards projects that bring true value to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are staunch believers of a fair and decentralised ecosystem where quality projects and teams are supported by the community.
When we come on board a project, the ‘avengers assemble’ and we start deploying our unique value add to irrevocably strengthen the project. From spreading the word about the project within our large communities, to connecting to the right influencers, helping in launch strategies, and introducing to the right value investors, we do it all! Our key strength is ensuring that our projects get the best marketing possible as per the changing times and trends.
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ActaFi Ecosystem video has just landed 🛬 All you need to know about the breakthroughs Acta Finance is bringing to the market.

🟡ActaFi Swap innovations
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Hi @paoloardoino , @cz_binance

can you please freeze / destroy $USDT sent on #BSC chain by mistake and issue new $USDT ?

Total 432K $USDT was sent to @Nexo from @binance on BSC chain but @Nexo doesn't support #BSC

🙏 Appreciate if you guys can help out !!

Acta Finance wNFT Airdrop winners list 👇
Distribution 15th May!

Get ready for the ActaFi Ecosystem video release next week!
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Welcome to #cryptowinter


You will get very good opportunities at bottom 50-100X top projects opportunities also.

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Acta Finance wNFT #airdrop registrations are open!

100x50 $ACTA 35% APR wNFT
100x50 $ACTA 25% APR wNFT will be rewarded to the winners!

Instructions to participate:

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